Month: February 2009

Another Sam Simons Find. A motorcycle built with a 2-stroke car engine!

Maybe this is what Gave Boss Hoss their idea! LOL. Interesting how one is transverse and one is inline.

Sam Writes:

Hello Steve,
I’m also a fan of the early SAAB model 93 & 96 cars,having owned several some 30 years back. I’m
presently looking to buy another one.
So,in my Internet travels,I happened across these SAAB powered two wheeled hybrids. One is powering
either a Ural or Dneper ;the other a BSA chassis.
These little cars are loads of fun to drive.There are several great videos on YouTube about them…..

Thanks as always! Sam. Much appreciated!

Daytona in 2 days… and trips from the past!

Yours truly from days gone by. Couple of skinny boys we were. That’s a Kawasaki S2 350 I’m riding and my buddies RD350. We rode down 90 miles from Jacksonville in perfect weather. I had a leaky left side seal so I basically ran on 2 cylinders for most of the trip and I think the RD had 2 soft seizures but it was one hell of a fun weekend.

One more chapter coming this Monday!

A shoutout to the Blogroll!

I’ve been thinking about all the great blogs I’ve discovered since I started this little hobby. I really enjoy checking into them regularly and I hope my readers are heading over there too. I realize that a few of them are not in English and a few are more motorcycle culture than motorcycles in particular. But please don’t let that stop you. A picture is worth a thousand words after all and there is a TON of interesting pictures and stories and info.

While I’m at it, I just added a link today to a fellow who seems to be on to something. He’s literally brand new but I think he’s got a good idea. His webpage has a first rate layout and he’s got a great philosophy. Go give him (and everyone else) a look and maybe a friendly suggestion or two.

I think a good site for digging into the technical side of these old bikes is a great idea. Check him out at Vintage Motorcycle Tech

His first post is sure a beauty.

Triumph High Pipe! Reader Ride!

Eric from BC Canada sends in a some kind words (much appreciated) along with his beautiful Classic Triumph.

Eric writes:
Just to let you know….I’ve been a fan of your blog for a while now and check it daily to see what fantastic new photos you have posted. I can’t understand why anyone interested in bikes, vintage or otherwise, could or would be at all critical. You seem to capture what these machines are…..rolling art museums and objects of mechanical passion. From one vintage biker to another…please keep up the good work…..and thanks!
Attached is my 1971 Tiger TR6R. There’s a group of a dozen or so of us that meet up on Wednesday nights and go for a burn and a pint. All vintage! No electric start allowed!

Cheers, Eric
Victoria BC Canada

Very much appreciated! Sounds like a hell of a nice group there Eric “No electric start allowed” I love that!