Latest Bonneville Build from macco Motors

Yes this  is a bit of advertisement/product announcment but long time readers know that when I get high quality pics of a custom bike I’m happy to be “persuaded”  into an announcment for some shots.  On this one I’d do a few things differently based entirely on my personal tastes but it’s an sweet build.  Oh and as an enthusiastic amateur photographer my compliments on the images.  Very well lit.   Thank you Jose and Tito for the shots!








Here we go again!!
here you have the brief and specs of our Triumph Bonneville T100, named “The Lizard King”. I send you a wetransfer with pics.

Photos by Sergio Ibarra from Semimate ( Please, mention him.
Thanks for sharing. Appreciate your work.
Because of the succes of our first Triumph Bonneville build, Dusty Pearl, most customers contacted us to build a Dusty Pearl for them. But as bikes builders, we believe that every bike must be unique and exclusive. So, we´re commisioned by Christian from London to build him a Dusty, but we made an agreement to make “The Lizard King”. And this is why we call these Bonnies, the “Dusty Serie´s” Bonnies.

We started to work in the previous photoshop design. The idea was to create a comfortable, stylish Triumph, but rude at the same time. We try to mix performance and style in our work, focusing in harmony of shapes and respect teh essence of the bike.
We got a new paint fuel tank scheme, alloy and black matt, enhancing the muscle shape of the fuel tank.
We mounted 1″ Biltwell tracker handlebars, wider and lower than standard, Thruster Biltwell grips, single centered speedo and short polished racing style clutch and brake levers, plus a Bates headlight with grille accommodated from a Triumph TR6 car, in the front of the bike.
In order to improve the performance of the suspension, we replace the rear forks with a Hagon Nitro pair and put progressive Hagon new springs front.

Chopped subframe and new Maccomotors seat for two, just as Christian wanted.
New K&N air filter and Metzeler Tourance 110 front and 140 rear, plus BC Predators exhausts painted black, and these others improvements complete the custom list:

– New front fiber mudguard
– Rear chopped Thruxton mudguard
– New turn signals and rear light
– Custom side panels
– New paint
– Alloy footrests
– Anticaloric wrap

– Predators BC exhausts

All pics and updates of our work in and in our FB fan page.


Jose & Tito

kawasaki w650


The Kawasaki W650 is a retro standard motorcycle made by Kawasaki between 1999-2008. The “W” in its model name makes a historic reference to Kawasaki’s W1, W2 and W3 models, manufactured between 1967 and 1975. The W650 was superseded by the Kawasaki W800, which to the dismay of enthusiasts is only sold in the UK.

The “nostalgic” W650 Kawasaki is a Bonneville-BSA clone resembling the British motorcycles of the early 1960s but replacing the vibrating pushrod engines of the British twin-cylinders with a distinctive shaft-driven bevel-gear overhead camshaft, similar to those found on 1970s Ducati singles and V-twins.

Saeed Mirfattah


Reader Ride. A sweet and nicely updated Triumph

Things have been really busy on my end this spring. Lots of great material coming in and I’ve been hitting a few shows and such. As a result this one slipped back in the queue a little. I really need to be more on the ball with my e-mail.

James from Ottawa, Canada writes in with another great bike.
Hi Steve

You may remember me from a couple of years ago after I bought my used ’96 Triumph Thunderbird 900 triple. Did some mods to it then sent you some photos – along with some of my former ’74 Norton Commando 850 – which you kindly posted. They’re still up on your archives I see – – scroll down towards bottom of page Thank you.

Well of course I kept diddling with the Triumph. Bought a salvage ’98 Thunderbird Sport and ended up swapping the engine into her after the cam chain inexplicably broke on the Bird engine (these engines are virtually bulletproof and there was no advance warning). Lucky I had the TBS engine and it actually worked out better – more horsepower in the TBS (82 vs 69) and 6 speed tranny vs. 5. And I like the black engine body better than the Bird chrome/silver one too – although I left some of the Bird chrome pieces on for accent.

Here’s what else was done to the bike for the final makeover

HID headlight
Dunstall style megaphones – what a lovely throaty trumpet sound they have!
New 1/4 fairing (fairing and TBS front fender and partially bobbed rear fender all done and painted to match)
New 17″ Excel front rim from Buchanan’s Spoke & Rim in California (did a good job) matched with TBS front end with the dual discs and dampening adjustments) vs. the 18″ front wheel, single disc on the Bird. This combo is MUCH better. I now have proper stopping power!
New fork tubes by Frank’s Maintenance & Engineering in Evanston, Ill (did a good job) and gaiters
17″ TBS rear wheel replaces stock 16″ Bird rear – again, major improvement in handling
New Conti Motion tires front and rear
Partially bobbed TBS rear fender
New Lucas style rear tailight with new, smaller turn indicators front and back
TBS rear gas mono shock replaces Bird mechanical one
M-bars (with the folding bar end mirrors) although may have to change those – custom bars? – to find the right riding position for me especially for the longer hauls. I’m getting too old to be bent over for long periods of time!
Custom made solo seat that is REALLY comfortable for long hours in the saddle even if she is a bit on the large side – but hey, so’s the ass in the saddle! 🙂

Really pleased with the final product – a Thunderbird/Thunderbird Sport hybrid. She looks, sounds and runs GREAT and is definitely MY Tbird now.

Keep up the great work with your site. Like many others I check it out regularly to satisfy my motorcycle porn habit and really appreciate it! Thanks

Maybe the most underrated of the modern Triumphs. Great power and classic looks. you’ve really done a great job with her!

Thanks for the pics!

The latest masterpiece from Mule Motorcycles

Richard Pollock writes in:

Here’s a couple shots taken by David Edwards of our recent Café build. It’s called the Streetmaster “Brighton” Café Racer. Built by Mule Motorcycles for Streetmaster.


Thanks Richard. I’m a longtime fan of the Mule builds and this one really hits a nice chord for me. Just stunning. A deliciously perfect blend of old world style and updated modern parallel twin. That tank could have it’s own post…


Reader Rides. Some sweet custom built “earth shakers”!

I know that folks can be very particular about their preferences and such but whatever your tastes you can’t deny the monster skills that went into building these wicked machines. That Triumph in particular is pretty freaking sweet.

Michael Yamen writes in: Here are a couple of my hand built Bikes. First one has a 540CI big block Merlin Engine. 2nd one is my home made Triumph Rocket sidecar rig