UPDATE: Reader Submittal A really cool Moto Morini flattracker!

Alvin sent in a good description of this cool ride.
He Writes:
Glad you enjoyed the pix- it’s a pretty neat little bike.
By way of description, it is a 1978 500 Morini with 19” dirttrack wheels and Grimeca brakes that I use to run in the “Vintage 500 Pushrod” class in AMA District 36 dirttrack events. The motor is stock internally with slightly bored carbs. What really makes the motor sing are the pipes, the 72 degree V angle of the motor usually makes the front pipe much longer than the rear pipe, because I’m not using a battery and it’s a race bike where a little exhaust heat isn’t a problem, I snaked the rear pipe through the frame and the pipes ended up with 1/16” difference in length. The motor revs easily to 12K RPM and has seen 13K twice when I mis-shifted. I’m using standard 35mm Ceriani forks with Cartridge Emulators and a careful revalve/respringing, the shocks are adjustable YSS units that work very well indeed. The bike is the most powerful in its class by a fair margin but because I’m so big (6’1”, 270 lbs), I’ve only been able to earn a #2 plate my first year and a #3 plate my second year. Best of all- it makes a bitchin’ noise at 12K!

Reader Alvin Webber sends in these great pics of his Moto Morini Special. I love builds like these. Must be a gas to ride!

Alvin Wrote:
Hi- I saw your photo of Pete’s 350 Morini
dirttracker and thought you might find my 478 interesting too.

You Bet Alvin! Thanks Much! Oh and here’s the link to Pete’s bike!


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  1. Hi all,i am very keen to build a morini flattracker to use in the uk shorttrack series (now in its 5th season)I feel the v twin will give the drive im looking for as opposed to my rather vicious rotax,we only run on 3-400 yrd shale tracks so big power is not nessecary, if anyone can put me in touch with the two guys who’s pics are shown here i may be able to pick up some tips,Best regards,Paul Harry Harrison.

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