Reader Request for some info on the Montgomery Wards Mojave 260.

Pete Boyd wrote in with the following question and I though that someone out here might be able to help him out. I’m curious to know this myself actually.

I put a want ad in Craig’s List for any Italian singles
(motorcycles not ladies) and got a call from San Diego on this Mojave.
It had been sitting in a shed since 1981. It is an unrestored 1968
Montgomery Wards Mojave 260 with 1654 miles on the odometer. I read on a
site that Steve McQueen’s partner in desert racing and his stuntman (and
owner of the Triumph dealership in Hollywood), Bud Ekins, did the design
work for the Mojave. Both the body work and frame are different from the
street design Benellis/MW’s of that year. It certainly looks like a
knock off of the Rickman Matisse Triumphs from that period. If anyone
can confirm or deny that story, I would appreciate it. I just got it
running and thought I would send a quick photo. I look forward to seeing
what you have posted every day. Keep it up and thanks!
Pete Boyd

Anyone able to shed some light on this?



    1. Do you still have the tank and seat section and would you be willing on selling them. I have a mojave 360 that i am restoring owned it for the last 20 years i have had it sitting in a garage since i was 9. Its running great and all i need to put it back to original is the seat pan and seat and front fender. If you would like to sell them please let me know or if any one else has one let me know thanks e mail me at thank you jeremy

  1. This is what I was told. Benelli was working on a Rickman replica/copy that was abandoned. They ended up putting 260cc or 360cc engines in these frames,(that were engineered for 650cc or 750cc engines) for MW. The smaller engines made the bikes cheaper for MW but resulted in a funny combination of over engineered frame with small displacement engine.

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