1. The early 80s intercepters, especially the 750 are about the coolest looking & sounding bikes from the 1980s. Very few 80s bikes still look good to me. The GPZ wins too.

    1. I’m with you on that. I never had a GPZ, but I had a ZX900 Ninja, and I’ve had 2 VFRs, an 86 and a 94. Loved them both! (I still miss the gear driven cam sound of the VFRs.) As for looks though, I’d probably say one of my favorites is the cafe fairing GPZ1100.

  2. I just looked up the GPZ1100. I’m with you on the cafe fairing/ chin piece version. That is sharp. Actually with the interceptors, they had a similar sport trim level with the quarter fairing and chin piece. That’s the best looking one to me: VF750 F circa 1983.

      1. (ignore the specs on that page, they are for the ZRX which is pictured behind the GPZ)

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