1936 Triumph Speed Twin




  1. Hmmmm..
    Front mudguard/fender isn’t sitting correctly. Usually much tighter wrap around the front part of the wheel. This is sticking up/out too much. Bars too look strangely.. odd.?
    Not nitpicking.. just saying.
    Usually lovely bikes when well done, great colour and styled by a genius. Probably the best balance to own and run of any pre-war classic.
    Nice one..

  2. Not too much of a stretch to look at a 1976 T140 and see that same bike and vice versa .
    40 years or better of good taste.

  3. That is one of the early 38’s because the oil sending unit is on the bottom right of the transmission side cover which also means it has a 6 bolt cylinder head. They replaced it with an 8 bolt because of weakness in 6.

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