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UPDATE!! Tasty BMW Tracker

Update! From our old friend Stuman! AKA Mike ‘Stu’ Stuhler.  Check out his blog at http://stusshots.blogspot.com/


This is one of Ron Woods’ projects. Matt Weidman tried to make the mile at Arizona back on 5/1 with this but missed the field. He’s supposed to run it again on Saturday 10/9 and try to get it in the National again after Ron got the bugs worked out of it.
Very sweet looking machine! With the rules being ‘opened up’ in AMA Flat Track this year it has made for some very interesting combinations, as 12 different manufacturers and their respective models are available to race in the Grand National Expert Twins Class. Earlier this year not only did a Ducati 1098 win–at Arizona with Joe Kopp–but Bill Werner, Jay Springsteen and Bryan Smith took a Kawasaki 650 Ninja-based parallel twin to the win here at Indy and at Springfield. Jeremy Higgins put a KTM in the main at Minnesota a couple of weeks ago, and Triumph put together a nice package based on the 865 Bonneville and has made four mains this year.
Very cool stuff, and as always Steve, you have kept things on the cutting edge here man! Keep up the great work!

Awesome!  Thanks for that!

I think I posted something on this bike a long while back but I’m not positive. Really excellent build. Your eyes are not playing tricks. The front shock mount is in fact on the rear of the cylinder. Bold stuff.

Garry McCoy’s Honda NSR500V form Mike "Stu" Stuhler.

We’re going for a double on this beauty! Another 2-stroke from the other board that’s to good to let slip.

Mike “Stu” Stuhler of the always excellent StuShots just dropped these awesome pics of Garry McCoy’s Honda NSR500V on me.

Mike Writes:

Hey Steve!

Here are some shots I took again over at Mid Ohio in ’07 of
Garry McCoy’s Honda NSR500V Big Twin as it was on display,
and on sale, in the paddock area.
As the links attached show, this was as it was in the trim
as he raced it in the Australian GP in late ’98 and 8 other
rounds that year per the 3rd link on his bio. From the
sign on the bike you can see they did spell his name wrong,
but I still would suspect that this is the real deal.
I have been wrong before, though! HA! I did find
a shot of the orig on Google search and it sure looks the
real deal! Nonetheless it is a sweet looking ride and I hope
you enjoy it!
This guy was such a pleasure to watch, and he always did
the best rolling spins in the corner and in the 500 era he
would just hammer them. It probably isn’t too hard to
find vids of him on YouTube with a little work!


The Barry Sheen Yamaha… coming full circle!

A year or so ago when I started this little hobby I didn’t really have a lot of material to work with so I figured I start out with what I had. The best pics I had were all 2-strokes (my first love) so I posted a really excellent picture of Barry Sheen’s Yamaha GP bike. I thought it was a TZ750 but it was really a YZR500. Anyway, since then I’ve come a long way and made some great online friends who’ve contributed most of the best stuff on here.

Well today has come full circle (so to speak) because I was sent some excellent pictures from my favorite new blogger Mike Stuhler of the excellent stusshotes blog. Low and behold what do I find in my e-mail! God I do love this bike.

But even after reading up on it a bit I still find it hard to think of Barry Sheen on a Yamaha. Here’s one of his rides on the crispy side after a wreck.
He was such an icon on those Suzuki’s that my minds eye can’t see him on much else. But then again Rossi started wining on a Honda and now he’s with Yamaha himself so I guess times aren’t that different after all.. LOL

Classic Kawasaki Flat Trackers. Carry over post from my 2-stroke site…

Like I’ve said before sometimes I get stuff over on my 2-stroke blog that’s just too good not to “cross-over” to here. Hope ya don’t mind..

My new favotite blogger Mike Stuhler of the excellent STUSSHOTS blog sends in these fantastic pics of a bike I’ve been enamoured with for years. I’ve actually posted a small grainy version of that beautiful green and white tracker somewhere on here before but it was a really rough shot. These come straight from the source and the detail is revealing. Reverse cylinder top end, big gulping roundslides, nicely tucked in chamber and some sweet fab work.

Mike Writes:

Hey Steve- Here are a few shots for you that might be of interest to you.Back in late 74/early 75 Erv Kanemoto–who went on to tune World Championship teams for Spencer, Lawson, Gardner, Kocinski and several other somewhat well-known racers, put together a couple of H2 triples for flat tracking, in the hopes of trying to compete against the upcoming and omni-present XR750 onslaught that was about to overtake and dominate American Class C flat track as it was known in the day.Kanemoto was a genius in putting together some of the finest, let alone fastest bikes of the day. This particular little gem of a project involved a Champion frame, Ceriani front end w/ what I believe were Akront aluminum rims. The mags were just starting to be regarded as enough of a weight and time savings, but only a few guys were running them, hence the standard spoke rims. As you can see he ran both on this sweet little piece. I’m not familiar enough with the technical aspects of what he did do in the way of porting/polishing this jewel, but it was pretty much a rocket ship. But, like the TZ that Roberts won Indy with–a week later after the Terre Haute shots attached were taken–they just wouldn’t hook up on a dirt track real well. And the power band on these were even more of a lightswitch then even the TZ turned out.But man, if you were a 2 stroke head, and I definitely was and still am, these things sounded f…in wicked.These shots attached were a few I took that historical week. Donnie Castro was just out of a contract from the Yamaha super team as they went it alone with KR that first year. So Erv enlisted Donnie at several races–Terre Haute, Indy, and Syracuse–on the eastern swing, and also had Scott Brelsford at Syracuse as well. Neither qualified in at any of those races that I remember.I’ve attached some shots of Donnie and the H2. The color shot is from TH and in the far left you can see the brim of Castro’s hat, and the dude in the sunglasses is former #9, Gary Nixon. The others are of Donnie at TH and Indy during practice/time trials–again in August ’75. I’ve got some other b/w shots of both DC and Brelsford from Syracuse, but I’ll save those for another time and another surprise!

Can’t Wait! I always wondered about the timing of these bikes in relation to King Kenny’s dream machine. I can only dream what THAT matchup would have sounded like. Thanks Very Much for filling in the history on these awesome rides.