Garry McCoy’s Honda NSR500V form Mike "Stu" Stuhler.

We’re going for a double on this beauty! Another 2-stroke from the other board that’s to good to let slip.

Mike “Stu” Stuhler of the always excellent StuShots just dropped these awesome pics of Garry McCoy’s Honda NSR500V on me.

Mike Writes:

Hey Steve!

Here are some shots I took again over at Mid Ohio in ’07 of
Garry McCoy’s Honda NSR500V Big Twin as it was on display,
and on sale, in the paddock area.
As the links attached show, this was as it was in the trim
as he raced it in the Australian GP in late ’98 and 8 other
rounds that year per the 3rd link on his bio. From the
sign on the bike you can see they did spell his name wrong,
but I still would suspect that this is the real deal.
I have been wrong before, though! HA! I did find
a shot of the orig on Google search and it sure looks the
real deal! Nonetheless it is a sweet looking ride and I hope
you enjoy it!
This guy was such a pleasure to watch, and he always did
the best rolling spins in the corner and in the 500 era he
would just hammer them. It probably isn’t too hard to
find vids of him on YouTube with a little work!


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