Reader ride that’s new to me! A 1974 (edit) Sanglas Electrico!

Hi I see from your list you have no mention of SANGLAS a motorcycle made in Spain up to about 1984 , These pictures are of a Sanglas 400 Electrico used by the Irish Army between 1974 and 1989, a 400 cc 4 stroke Single with Kick and Electric Start

Pictures taken by myself
Philip Gunn

You’re right Philip. It’s a new brand to me. It’s not often that I get to see on I literally knew nothing about She’s a beauty. Interesting design though and clean as a whistle. Thanks much!


  1. This motorcycle is a Sanglas (not a Sunglas as in the title for this article), made in Barcelona, Spain. They made over-square 4-stoke OHV singles of their own design in various sizes up to 500cc. The 500cc model made a modest 27HP, but it was popular for its durability. They also made some motorcycles with 2-stroke engines from other manufacturers, and a 400cc 4-stoke twin with a Yamaha engine. Sanglas didn’t participate in racing, so they never became known to enthusiasts worldwide. They were absorbed by Yamaha, which eventually dropped the name completely.

  2. In September 1981 I was shivverring in a mountain top cafe (the only customer there), trying to get warm after the ride up the moutain side from Andorra on route to the Meditarranean coast. Outside there was pee-soup, freezing, fog. Suddenly the door burst open and there stood a very stern looking member of the Guada Civil (the state police) resplendent with a huge mousetache. He was on a Sanglas 400.
    He strode over to me and nearly shook my hand off and said how much he liked my new English registered Suzuki GSX750. Over coffee we tried to understand each other as best as we could, me with my faltering Spanish and him with a few words of English. He told me on the other side of the mountain, within five kilometers, it was bright sunshine – which I could hardly believe and then promptly left.
    I went to pay for my coffee and the bartender said, “No need, your friend the policeman already paid for you.”
    These are my memories of the Sanglas 400.

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