Stunning 1967 BSA 500 Scrambler.

The photo is very large. I usually reduce them a bit but the detail is stunning. Thanks to regular contributor Dave Innola for forwarding this on. The bike belongs to John Court who took it on a nice journey:

John writes:
Hello Boys,a great run out today on the Scrambler (1957 BSA 500) I did the 100 mile Eskdale which basically takes in the steepest banks in the area & the North Yorks moors. About 90 entries in all cars & bikes. Was having a great time then for the 1st time in a long time I ‘overcooked’ it on an uphill bend, no one else to blame but I ended in a ditch… slow motion & a definate wake up call! Thankfully no major damage & with the help of two other riders got the bike sorted & completed the run. There was one skidmark just before the bend & the other just after which will hopefully come out in the wash! Will give the bike a good check over tomorrow ready for another run.

Cheers Jon
P.S Can confirm now that Adrenaline is brown!

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