2 comments on “Reader Ride. A sweet and nicely updated Triumph

  1. Hi Motoguru

    Watch the Insurance auctions for a salvage TBS. That’s what I did and I got one for a good price. That’s where the engine and other parts came from for the switchover. Good investment since parts for the Tbirds/TBS/Legends/Adventurers are getting harder to find and expensive. Unfortunately with most bikes involved in collisions it’s the front end that takes it. I had to replace the rim and spokes (Buchanan’s) and fork tubes (Frank’s Engineering) but the discs, reservoir and cables and forks (with dampeners) off the salvage bike were OK. Still ended up spending over $1K in parts plus labour. At least you have a 17″ front wheel on the Legend. The stock Thunderbird had an 18″ so had to replace. The difference in stopping power and suspension is a significant improvement though – well worth it. The single disc isn’t good enough I don’t think for the power of that engine. Good luck on your hunt.


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