8 comments on “Before and After!! A Stunning 1966 Ducati 160 Monza Jr.

  1. Ducati 160..
    Weeell, Silk purses and Sow’s ears. never mind the old sayings, things DO come true. That is a NICE a restoration as I’ve seen in some time. Unlike so much on other sites, this guy hasn’t gone off on some mad tangent.. and no pipe-wrap..!
    Given that he started with a very unlikely beginning.. the end result is SUPERB. At 6’4”, I’m far too tall for it but I’d far rather have it than the modern V twin parked behind it in the garden [yard..]
    Wonderful.. and deserved congratulations.
    And thank you too for posting.
    Bill Ferry

  2. Thanks for the nice comments Bill, glad you like it! It was a fun project. I’m only about 5′ 10″ on a good day so it fits me alright. Not the swiftest bike out there I’m afraid, in the real world of SUVs and distracted drivers that modern twin is a lot less nerve wracking! The 160 sure is better looking though! And you can ride it as hard/fast as you can, all day long, and no one notices. šŸ˜‰ While riding back and forth to Ducstock I even managed to pass a few other bikes, mostly of the American V-twin variety…

  3. I knew him when he drove a 70 something Ford Fiesta…Great job Craig. Let me know the next time you come down here to Barber. Eric B

  4. Ducati singles were always special, with their shaft-driven overhead cam desmo heads and Italian good looks. When I was a kid I wanted one like this:

    It’s a shame that Ducati no longer makes them.

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