RC181 Replica using a 1970s CB400 frame and a CB550 motor!

I didn’t get a name of the builder in the E-mail (drop me a line please) and the photo’s are a little small for what I usually like to post but this is so cool I posted it anyway. Really interesting hybrid with build pics in the gallery.



  1. RC181 replica huh. Apart from the tank, seat, frame, engine, exhausts, forks, both wheels and brakes being wrong I suppose it’s OK. Oh, and where’s the fairing gone?

    No actually, it’s just crap.

    There are ways of coming up with a more realistic take on an absolutely iconic race bike, so just don’t foist this sort of rubbish on us. We deserve better, and so does the role and character of the RC181. Those of us who have been around motorcycle racing for a long time, and who can remember clearly the astonishing impact of the Japanese racers in the early ’60s are rightly appalled at this sort of nonsense.

    If you can’t do it properly just don’t do it at all.

    1. Wow I am sorry my bike has upset you Rod but I did the build just for fun using the bits I could find I to have had the pleasure of racing with Mike Hailwood and Jim Redman in the 1967 Rhodesian GP and can still remember the impact they made on me when they passed me Mike on a Honda 250 and Jim on a Yamaha I was racing a Suzuki T20 and got lapped twice . my name is George Wenman at thewenmans@gmail.com

  2. George don’t waste your time being concerned with comments like that. While I tend to not censor many comments I find Rod’s attitude unfortunate to say the least. While he’s certainly entitled to his opinion he’s also entitled to be wrong in this case. I don’t think it’s dawned on him that he does not own or control what is or is not a “correct” motorcycle. Especially a spare parts build like this one. So it goes..

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