1. OMG what a totally fucked video!!! Where is the sound of the bike instead of the insipid audio that the author thinks everybody will like as much as he does.???

    1. I totally get the sentimentality but the reality was much different. I also was hoping to hear that single bark. Particularly good in the film was the rider’s shadow. We would have been wearing T shirts.

      1. yep; I’m there; sorry for any gripes. My god, I love it; and the T-shirts for sure; I’m on a 1965 T100SC, Jack Pine, riding fm Chapel Hill to Ashevile,no helmet, no shirt. xoxo

  2. We’ve all heard the sound of a single but this is different. It moves me and makes me yearn to be riding, not because of the speed or the sound but just because it makes me feel spiritual and as one with the universe. Anyone notice the bike is a scrambler with the mirror attached on the bars out of the way just so he can say he has one although useless. Enduro guys did this all the time. He’s wearing a Beltstaff jacket which goes with the scrambler motif. I love it!

  3. I get the audio argument and I’ve made it myself often especially when the producer likes heavy metal or some such schtick. But good audio capture on a rolling bike isn’t always easy (or successful) so I don’t have a problem with a more subdued soundtrack.

    I like it. but that’s just my 2 cents.. YMMV.

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