1. The garage may be nice but it’s certainly not filled with anything worth mentioning. With as much as he stuck in the building you’d think he’d be some sort of enthusiast. For one that bike collection is a joke. The guy went to the dealer and bought every 105th anniversary edition Harley they made. Those aren’t collector bikes. He invested $250,000 in bikes that together would sell for about $70k today. Then the basement he’s got a Ford truck, a Land Rover, a Jeep Wrangler?? Like I want to wait 10 minutes on some giant lift just so I can get my Chevy Cruise out for a drive. Great job on that structure buddy, heaven forbid some wildfire come along and wipes out that irreplaceable stash of vehicles.

  2. I think I’d rather hang out in John Renick’s garage. Even if it meant sweeping floors and washing parts

  3. I don’t think the garage itself is the most amazing private garage either. Bill Gates has one with a giant device like a jukebox. You select the car you want, and the lift shuffles them all and brings you the one you want.

    Then there is this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADHft2dC7ho I believe they installed one of these in Prague to make the roads usable again in the historic downtown. Parking clogged all the streets. So they shoved it all underground and then had clear roads, sidewalks, and stunning architecture without parked cars in the way. and you can pick up your car facing the right way at several locations around the square even if you dropped it off a few blocks away.

  4. Someone is compensating!!

    So he’s never ridden the bikes and…”chicks dig ’em” Whaaat???
    This guy is a gigantor tool. I’m not even one bit jealous of his hole in the ground….imagine what you could buy with that money!! definitely not 10 of the same bike, never to be ridden. The dealer saw this dork coming for sure…

  5. With the kind of money this guy obviously has, you would think he would have some vehicles of value and moxie. I don’t think I would want to wait for a car to come up on his ” elevator” . NAH!! The whole thing is not that great. Jim. you’re right. A putz

  6. I might have chosen different vehicles, but it’s his money and he seems to be enjoying it. more power to him. fred

  7. Fabulous structure and an incredibly boring collection of vehicles! How can such an apparently intelligent businessman have such a limited taste in vehicles and yet claim to love them!?!?
    I just don’t get it!

  8. Nice! Lots of toys. Notice there were no friends, lovers, kids or grandchildren shown or mentioned in
    the video. Either they’re not important or more likely just don’t exist.What a complete loser. Here’s a thought: if he had so much money to waste why didn’t he donate some to charity or find some other
    way to help others and give something back.

    1. Ken you don’t actually “know” any of that from this video. I agree that the toy and bike collection is luke warm for the facility but I don’t begrudge him doing what he wants to do with his own resources. 2 cents

  9. Personally I think it is pretty sad when so many people are struggling in the world for one man to have this kind of satisfaction of his possessions.

    1. Why? I’m sure the hundreds of people ultimately involved with the creation of this estate earned their salaries. Why can’t the same be said of this gentleman? As far as i can tell he didn’t steal his wealth. It’s his to enjoy as he sees fit.

  10. Why is it that the have nots always run down the haves.? He earned it and he can spend it any way he wants…………..who says he doesn’t donate to charity ………..don’t judge the man on this alone. When you see this type of sucess be proud for him……….it’s most peoples dreams to be wealthy so cut out the jealousy.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree.
      He could be one of the most family oriented and giving people, yet he is judged because he enjoyes what he has achieved and showing it off. So what!

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