1. Except that it came with Concentrics, like my ’71 BSA 650 Lightning did. Last year for Monoblocs was ’67 or ’68; I think the Daytona 500’s came with a pair of 928’s, so maybe the Monoblocs are 930’s or bigger. Maybe the engine is a little healthier than stock. Or, maybe he just likes leaky carbs on a Brit bike.

    1. You are correct, I got these Monobloc carburetors at a swap meet and they were off an earlier BSA. They seem to work well as I have rejetted them to better suit the 500 engine. The engine has 10-1/2 compression, Boyer ignition and stock Daytona cams.

      1. That compression ratio would work with the bigger carbs. My BSA got comething in the oil that “clearanced” some parts like a case bushing, allowing an extra bit of unwanted stroke on just one side. Sold it, bought 2 CB 750’s in a row. Few problems..
        If you tear it down for any reason, try to get some cams from the 1 mile engines in the 500 cc flat-trackers, better than road race cams for street. Nice bike, all around.

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