At the 1971 Triumph 500 Daytona Cafe with “The Crocetti Speciale!”

Thanks Mike! A real Beauty!

I have attached some of the latest photos of my 1971 Triumph 500 Daytona. I have put over 9,000 miles on it the last two years.
thanks, Marc Crocetti



  1. Except that it came with Concentrics, like my ’71 BSA 650 Lightning did. Last year for Monoblocs was ’67 or ’68; I think the Daytona 500’s came with a pair of 928’s, so maybe the Monoblocs are 930’s or bigger. Maybe the engine is a little healthier than stock. Or, maybe he just likes leaky carbs on a Brit bike.

    1. You are correct, I got these Monobloc carburetors at a swap meet and they were off an earlier BSA. They seem to work well as I have rejetted them to better suit the 500 engine. The engine has 10-1/2 compression, Boyer ignition and stock Daytona cams.

      1. That compression ratio would work with the bigger carbs. My BSA got comething in the oil that “clearanced” some parts like a case bushing, allowing an extra bit of unwanted stroke on just one side. Sold it, bought 2 CB 750’s in a row. Few problems..
        If you tear it down for any reason, try to get some cams from the 1 mile engines in the 500 cc flat-trackers, better than road race cams for street. Nice bike, all around.

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