Reader Ride. One of the cleanest (and most radical) XS650 hybrids I’ve ever seen.

Jeff Snell sent me pictures of this bike with very little explanation.  I had some of it figured out but most of it left me scratching my head so I had to press him for some info on this really excellent build.  He writes in:
Hi Steve, well it’s a Yamaha XS 650 engine in the cradle of an XS frame. I cut the front and rear off and made a new frame section to accomadate a Honda F4i swingarm and monoshock. Up front I made a new steering tube and used F4i forks. I wanted to keep with a retro theme and used a Kawi ZRX tank and seat. The tail is also ZRX but was chopped and condenced to work with the new proportions of the bike. Both are supported by a detachable aluminum subframe. The drive side case cover is divided to allow for an offset sprocket. This enabled the engne to be mounted in the center of the frame. The end result is light weight and balanced, and sounds great with a Scorpion exhaust can. I like that naked bike look.Of course there are a few more tweaks I’d like to do but I’m pretty stoked otherwise! Everything was done by yours truely except the electrical and dyno tuning. Hope your readers like it! ( I have a ton of pics for anyone interested)
Thanks for your interest,

Jeff Snell, Alameda CA

I’ve put a few unusual bikes together in my day (and I’m in the middle of another one) but it’s never approached this.  That’s a really at a great build.  Oh and I wasn’t even close on my guesses except on the bodywork.   Thanks Much!



  1. this looks like the xjr 1300 with an xs engine, well it looks like good work and much effort, but i don’t think it makes an almost perfect looking bike better looking 😉

  2. When I read the intro outlining the build, I thought how the hell is all that gonna go together and not look like a cobbled-up backyard frankenstein?

    The pics surprised me as I think the whole thing goes together amazingly well. It’d be a great bike for banging around the city I think.

    Great burn-out pic too!

  3. Very understated, when I first saw it, I thought Suzuki GSE. Looking at the description and close ups the details are incredible. I bet this bike is even more impressive in person.

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