6 comments on “LOL UPDATE: Reader Ride. The Lilac Alley Speed Shop Honda Hardtail SL125! Very Trick Budget build.

  1. That’s an SL 100, not a 125. The 100 has the smooth (no fins) cylinder left-side; the 125 had fins there.

    I had a 1973 SL 125 (is how I know!) back in the day that I eventually stripped for dirt in ’76 after 17,000 miles on the odometer. I had the motor bored and stroked to 150cc’s by Powroll in Oregon. Them was the days.

  2. I love the bike but my bedroom overlooks Lilac Alley and would love it more if you didn’t race up and down the alley late at night and let it idle in the alley.

    sorry to be a pain but my bike sets off car alarms as well but I try and do that on other peoples streets…

  3. I had a CB100 back in 83. My first “real” bike (as in it had gears) back in high-school. I didnt modify it beyond running without a baffle in the muffler and painting it with a spray can. I love seeing cool mods to unusual/smaller bikes.

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