Maybe THE Coolest Suzuki EN125 On The Planet!

Another Great Build from Hajarboxx Motorcycles.  See more of their stuff HERE!  And HERE!

Gifney writes in: 

How are you doing? Just want to share our latest work. The donor bike is an Suzuki EN125, and the owner wanted a two-seater that could go through the rain (he meant some useful fenders :D), and he also wanted to change the frame and the seating position, so we change the footpegs position and gave him a taller bar. The tank is fron an old Suzuki GP125, and the battry box is a modified Suzuki A100 carb filter box. The fenders are customized honda CB100’s. No major works withthe suspensions. As always (been too busy to set up new blog/site! 🙂 ) you can check the building process here (!/album.php?aid=27446&id=115078248506795 )

Have a nice day!!
Hajarbroxx Motorcycles

An here’s the before pic I grabbed for his link. Just amazing!


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