Some Really Trick Mini Yamaha’s From 2 stroke Legend Sam simmons!

Sam Simmons sends in this pair of beauties. A pair of hopped up Yamaha BW (Big Wheel) 80’s.

Sam writes in:
Hi Steve,
Hope you’re doing well. Excellent ( new) site (as usual!!). I recently
redid a couple of Yamaha BW-80’s,so here are a few pictures for you…
Surprisingly,both BW’s were still in the hands of their original
owners,one in MO,the other in IL.
Both were in good overall condition,but pretty tired in the ‘Engine Dept’
. I ‘stretched’ the suspension on mine,while my wife’s is stock. Once the
exhaust  and intake systems are de-restricted,carb’s rejetted,these
little shits  fly…almost 50 mph.

They’re great little bikes for  swap meet transportation,and perfect for
inexperienced trail riders.

Best Regards,
Sam Simons

Holy Smokes! 50mph on these must be a hoot!

I like the Kenny Roberts colors!

Sitting Pretty!  Some nice clearance there!

How to raise em up!

Very Nice work!

The before pic!

One comment

  1. My first bike was a PW80 (standard wheels) sister of the BW. Started riding when I was 6. Had that bike until I was about 11, then upgraded to a Kawasaki KX60, which was a nasty piece of work.

    But that Yamaha just kept on ticking. Jumps, mud, anything I threw at it – and anything I threw IT AT – it would keep on going!

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