Another fine 49 old Harley.

Reader ride (sorry didn’t get the name):

This was my Dad’s 1949 Harley. It sat in a shed for 20 years until he said I could have it. The mice did a number on the wiring so I did a complete strip down to bare frame and started from there. Many hours and a few $ later this is the results. What a labor of love.

A really great save!


  1. Seriusly, what the hell is nice about this bike, the engine sounds good and has a kickstart, ok pretty cool, BUT the white boxes at the side are ugly and don’t fit the bike, the leather thing at the front mudguard, come on, but why is there an heart on it?
    The windscreen, maybe a question about taste… the saddle, well its even bigger than the seats of katanas, well i want to say you could have made three-four seats from it, the second headpipe looks like the tube that is in my shower.
    and for last, those mirrors, such ugly ones i have never seen before, maybe they could be cool at a mod-scooter, but even there they’d be cool because they are so ugly that its even ugly in the mod-scene

    well don’t take it personally, i like this blog but i think you got an “ugly bike theme” since the black chopper you posted after the vostok

  2. Oh SHUT UP. I happen to think that looks way cool. I am a guy, Heterosexual guy (45 years old) and think that would delnfiteiy stand out in a crowd. That would definably be after market.

  3. I’m pretty sure the ’49 Panhead was the first year for hard bags, and they just came in white, so that is the correct setup. The fiberglass was pretty primitive, like ’53-55 Vettes. Personally, I’d put it on a diet and remove everything that had no actual function, like all chrome trim and bolt-ons, but I’d keep the bags. But I’m not really into dressers, even customized ones.

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