Reader Ride From Spain! A Honda CM400T Street Tracker.

This may be the nicest CM400T on the planet. Damm that is cool.

I’ve said it here many many times. You do NOT need big money or big engines to build fantastic bikes. And here we have another excellent example of that. This beauty was built by Mario Trigo Salorino wo writes in:

Hello, my name is Mario and I write from Spain. I’m a fan of your blog for a long time. Always show the style of bikes that I like. It is a daily appointment required.

I want to show a personal project I recently completed. It is a Honda CM400T, base uncommon, has been done by me and some friends. I do not define his style, bobber, track, brat … is a modest project but I’m very happy with the result. Major changes are, handlebars, handlebar switch, repositioning of the electrical components and battery box, exhaust, rear set, clocks, modified original seat and paint job. Appear on your blog would be a reward for my work. I hope you like.

A greeting and continued with this great blog. Muchas gracias.

PS. Sorry for my English.

Your English is fine Mario It’s an excellent build. I am labeling at a Street Tracker but you’re right it has elements of other styles in it as well.  ! Thank you very much for sending in these great picture!



  1. Hi Mario,
    I´m building a proyect with the same bike. You´re bike looks like a piece of art 🙂 congrats… Man what is the measure of those air filters 50mm 48mm 60mm or what
    greating from Panama

  2. This is EXACTLY the type of build i’ve been looking for. Please tell me what you did with teh seat?! Was that a custom seat that you purchased, or did you modify the existing seat?

  3. Karan, it’s an older post so I don’t know if he’ll answer you. My guess would be that the seat is an aftermarket seat that have been all over e-bay for a while now. I don’t know if it’s designed specifically fr this bike of if it was made to fit. Should not be a huge issue either way.

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