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SYM Wolf 150


Photos by freelanceTHINK

Husaberg flat tracker from Kiddo Motors in Barcelona


600+cc Husaberg dirt tracker looking light as a feather Kiddo Motors in Barcelona, Spain

Photo from FreelanceThink

Budget Yamaha Cafe build pics from Brazil! You build what you can with what you have!

Thanks Rossi! Cool build! Further proof that you do NOT need big money to build a cool ride.

In Brazil we have a Yamaha RX 180 custom 2 stroke modified to café racer. I access your blog every day. Very good, congratulations.

Rossi Fernando








CORRECTION: Wicked little Yamaha CS5 (RD200) Cafe from E-bay.

MY MISTAKE! I thought it was yours from the pics on the facebook page.

Just wanted to give you an update that I am NOT the builder of the CS5 you featured. Just the finder. Don’t want to take the credit of Wild Turkey Fab.

Reader Daniel Thornberry (link to FB page with build pics) pointed me to a his really trick little Yamaha for sale on E-bay (linked while it lasts). And no, I do NOT know the bike or the owner. Trick little build though.  That pipe is the bomb!

Another Trick Scrambler Build! Maybe the coolest CM250 Honda on the planet!

Talk about getting the most out of a transformation! Gregory Moore sends in more proof that you don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to build a cool custom bike.

Here is a 1982 Honda CM250c (the predecessor to the Rebel). I bought this for my lady to rip around but we live in the woods of southern NH where there’s lots of dirt roads & torn up tarmac so I wanted it to be a little scrambler not a saggy cruiser(not meant to be of offense to rebel owners). This is what I came up with, hope you like it!

(And be sure to check out his build thread:) http://www.dotheton.com/forum/index.php?topic=31070.0

Oh yeah… this is what he started with..

At the wicked fun 1963 Bridgestone BS-7/D cafe!

Great little buzz-bomb and a really interesting site! for more on this bike and other cool stuff that Chris has going on check things out at http://subrewgarage.blogspot.com/

Chris wrote in:


I just wanted to drop a quick note about a little bike I’ve finished
up recently. It started life as a run-down little 1963 Bridgestone
BS-7/D. I decided to do a bit of a cafe/racer look to it, using as
many Bridgestone parts as possible, and without hacking up any of the
original BS-7 parts in the process. The end result is a good little
runner, complete with a BS90 Sport fuel tank and set of BS90 front
telescopic shocks. I did a bit of porting on the original 50cc
stroker, built a pipe, and installed a bigger 19mm carb. It will see
close to 60mph if I get a long enough run!

Hope you enjoy it!

Chris H.

Cool pipe too! I love projects like this. Really unique and must be a lot of fun to blast around on.