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Reader ride. An unusual kovrovetc-minsk framed 175cc.

A carry over from the s-stroke blog..

Valentin Voynov sends in this cool custom build. I confess that I don’t know much about the ofiginal bike but I like hat he did with this. More proof that you don’t need a deep pockets to build a cool bike.

Sweet Suzuki Reader Ride!

Mike Sternick from New Jersey sends in this cool budget beater build… I love bikes like this. More proof that you don’t need deep pockets to ride a cool bike! Nicely done!
Mike writes in:
Greetings ,
It was a $500.00 beater with potential.You don’t see to many GS’s cafe’d out.All new bearings and seals front to rear.Seat, cowl (battery box) and taillight made in house.
Works performance did the shocks and fork springs.Kerker header with a supertrapp exhaust from the junkyard.Fuse box and electronics are behind screen.Out of all the tanks I tried the stock tank had the best balance.The carbs and harness were a bitch,took a month to sort.That which doesn’t kill us makes us better fabricators.It now rides and runs great.Love your rag.

Mike Sternick

Budget minded Wanderlust! Scooters to the top of the world.

Martin Victor sends in these photos and links from this absolutely amazing adventure.  These have been making the rounds on the web but they are well worth a mention.  Great stuff!

Martin writes in:

Me and my friends rode some scooters to the highest village on earth. It would be really great if you could feature these on your website. The name of the Village is Kaumic, it’s about 4300 meters (over 14,000 feet) high. We rode in May 2008. All these three are two stroke scooters. The make and model are, 1. Bajaj Chetak, 2. LML Vespa Select, 3. Kinetic Honda DX. The Kinetic is a non-geared scooter. They cost us a 100 dollars each. We mixed cooking oil in the petrol because we couldn’t find 2T (2 stroke) oil high up in the mountains.

I have many more photos here http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?p=16758927

If you could post my twitter id @motorbikeman along with the post then it would help me a great deal to network with like minded people.

Thank you,

My pleasure Martin. It’s a fantastic adventure. Thank you for sharing!

UPDATE: I love the title of the e-mail I got on this one.. “1967 Cl160, with new happy and special parts installed… to create… happiness.”

UPDATE: Jeremy sent a link to some good pics of the bike through various stages of the build. Good Stuff! Thanks Jeremy

Excellent! Jeremy Jackson sent in the progress pics of this cool scoot and it reminds me that I haven’t done enough good posts on “budget build” bikes lately.

Jeremy write in:
Hi, I read your blog all the time and I have sent a few progress reports on my bike. Well, I just keep trying….. Anyways, here is my bike with a new seat and some gaiters on it. It’s a 67 CL160, made from junk, and everything including the seat, header and rearsets is scratch built – mostly in my gravel driveway. Just need some barends so I can get rid of the ugly mirrors I tossed on to ride it. I still have an online album starting with a pic of the 50.00 basket case I started with. Thanks for looking, keep up the good work.

Looking good Jeremy! And send me the link to your build album so I can ad it to the post!