4 comments on “UPDATE: I love the title of the e-mail I got on this one.. “1967 Cl160, with new happy and special parts installed… to create… happiness.”

  1. Wow!! I am so amazed at seeing my bike on here… what a shock!! Thought I would add that the rear shocks and fender are from a CB350 ( raised the rear about 2″, better handling), the header is made from a cut up RF700 header and a Magna V45 muffler, the seat cap from the RF700 front fender, the rear rim is off a CL175 (wider rim, lighter brake), throttle is an RM80 quick turn, and the velocity stacks are made from butter cups and fuel can strainers…. hey, whatever works right? I could not have done this without the help of my friends Herb, Jay, and Al. And thanks for posting the bike Steve!!!


  2. Jeremy that’s an excellent bike! Happy to post it. I have to remind myself on occasion that this blog is about what I like and cool budget builds with good imagination is a big hit with me. Keep em coming.

  3. Thanks for the appreciation Steve.. I have a 350 in the works, should be a little more polished than this one when it is finished. We’ll see what I have for you in a few months…. And it will be a budget mongrel much like the 160! Loving the blog, it’s the best out there!

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