Sweet Suzuki Reader Ride!

Mike Sternick from New Jersey sends in this cool budget beater build… I love bikes like this. More proof that you don’t need deep pockets to ride a cool bike! Nicely done!
Mike writes in:
Greetings ,
It was a $500.00 beater with potential.You don’t see to many GS’s cafe’d out.All new bearings and seals front to rear.Seat, cowl (battery box) and taillight made in house.
Works performance did the shocks and fork springs.Kerker header with a supertrapp exhaust from the junkyard.Fuse box and electronics are behind screen.Out of all the tanks I tried the stock tank had the best balance.The carbs and harness were a bitch,took a month to sort.That which doesn’t kill us makes us better fabricators.It now rides and runs great.Love your rag.

Mike Sternick

One comment

  1. Beautiful job on the bike.
    I would like to get in touch with Mike Sternick, is it possible? can you point him to my blog or pass my info to him?
    I have a Suzuki GS850 and wanna do exactly what he did, would like to talk to him about the project, I live in NJ too.

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