Chinese Chang Jiang CJ750 M1M. A close relative to the BMW1938 R71

I get a kick out of all the different “family trees” there are to the old BMW’s. It seems like after the war there were quite a few versions of some variation or another being built. Here is a gorgeous example of the Chinese model sent in by Bur Zeratsky who writes in:

Here is a photo of my Chinese Chang Jiang CJ750 M1M. This bike is a current production version of the BMW R71 from 1938. The story goes that the Germans sent their tooling to Russia after the war, where they produce Urals & Dnepr’s to the same design. Sometime later, the Russians sent the tooling to china, where the CJ750 is produced today.

Year of origin is uncertain. A good friend had it shipped here several years ago directly from China. After tinkering with it for a while, he decided to let it go and my wife was kind enough to present it to me as a 25th wedding anniversary gift. After additional tinkering by another good friend, Paul Crowe, which included the removal of 3 entire sheets of chinese newspaper lining the inside of the gas tank, it now runs like a top.
Hope you enjoy!
Bur Zeratsky

That’s Great stuff Bur. You have a great wife and a true friend there! Thanks Much!

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