Overdue for some wanderlust pics…

This one came from the always excellent Lost Rider Site. He’s volunteered a few shots to me in the past and they always get my mind to daydreaming. Be sure to check them out.

A nice reader ride “Wanderlust” BMW R100S

Bob Writes in:
Love the site, always one of the first I visit every morning with my coffee- kudos to you!
 But I thought I’d send in a pic of a barn-find I snagged last year.
It’s a 1977 BMW R100S in the hills by my house here in Colorado… and obviously, I dig it!
It’s my daily driver and after a fair amount of work (after sitting for years) it runs like a champ!
 Cheers! And keep up the good work!

Wow!  that is some “barn find”!  As a Florida native I get so jealous of you folks living in the hills.  Great stuff!


Spanish Wanderlust on a Yamaha Super Tenere

Oilrider over on ADV rider was kind enough to let me repost this gorgeous shot. When you live in the flattest state in the union shots like this can get you envious..

Hello Steve,
I took it during a trip to the Picos de Europa in Spain in may 2011. It is on the beautiful road from Portilla de la Reina to Cain.

Exactly here :http://maps.google.fr/maps?q=43.1072…src=6&t=h&z=18

A random sampling of some fantastic Trans America Trail (aka:TAT) photo’s.

There is a great thread over on ADV rider posting Trans America Trail photos and this post by Patrice Ninaud of RideDualSport.com fame really caught my eye. This is one of those rides that I think about a lot. When my daughter gets a bit older I think I might have to at least bite off a piece of this ride. Maybe the east coast portion for a start and see what happens.

Looking at these photos I realize just how much of this country I’m yet to see. Like I said, these are just a random sampling of his trip. Great Stuff Patrice! Thanks much!

A Little Colorado Adventure Wanderlust Action…

Living in Florida isn’t exactly torture but geography that’s as  flat as a pancake does get old.  I look at photos like this and think that a little snow might not be so bad once in a while.  These are courtesy of the incomparable Edward “Geek” Walker from Colorado.  AKA MotoGeek! Be sure to check out his site for a LOT more!  These are from a little Sunday/Monday ride he took.  Damm. Some guys sure do have it rough…

Thanks Ed!

More scooter pics from the Himalayas.

More from Martin Victor Alva :
Hello Steve,
Here are a couple more photos of my rides in the Himalayas. We also took 50cc two stroke mopeds to the Himalayas. My disc crashed and most photos got destroyed. I had this one in my sent mail so i found it.

The other one is from my Adventure motorcycle riding company called Vista Adventures. We organise guided tours in India and that photo is of my Royal Enfield from June this year.


Double Wow!