Hang in there Steve, we’ll help you out! Introducing myself as one of the guest bloggers

Ha, my moment of fame! It’s a great honor for me to be a guest blogger for MPOTD. So who am I? Well, I am still trying to find that out, but I’ll share some facts; the name is Ton Stam, 38 years old, and I live in the beautiful Netherlands. I have built a couple of custom bikes, ranging from streetfighters to scramblers. Nowadays I have a weakness for customized oldies, but I still LOVE modern bikes that have been changed into something more personal.

Now for some hardware, this is my home-built Wrenchmonkees-inspired (can you tell 🙂 ) Z750 Twin, which I sold this summer to make room for some new projects. Was (and still is hopefully) a blast to ride! The action pics were taken by Michiel de Molenaar of shedbuiltbikes.com, thanks again Michiel!

Looking forward to share loads of nice rides, so keep ‘m coming!!




















Hi again:

Sometimes bikes take its time to be built and sometimes they come together. Just now we finished the rebuilt of the Big Z, Macco Nº1, and here you have the new BIG Z RACER. We know you featured our Dusty Pearl recently but things are so and we want to show the Big Z Racer to the rest of the world, so it´s up to you when you want to do it. Thanks anyway for sharing.



Fate brought home again the Macco Nº1. Sandro, the previous owner had a little scare in her, so he was told at home no more bikes. Sad for Sandro but happy to get back the Big Z at the garage again.

So we decided that the time of the Big Z had already passed and thought to make a completely new bike, on the same base, in the same spirit, but with a new look and a new style. The idea of a cafe racer was always in our plans, so this baby was born: the BIG Z RACER.

Sober colors, gray matte chosen from the Ducati´s colour chart, and black, as well as many improvements as new handlebars, new floating brake discs, new seat, K&N filters, new grips Beston style black, new lights, new exhausts, new side panels and side number plates, make this Kawasaki Z1100 ST’s MACCO No. 4.

And, by now, it´s for sale!


– Rebuilt engine (0 km)

– New clips-on handlebars

– New floating rear and front discs brakes

– Rear subframe chopped

– New seat by Maccomotors

– Single speedometer

– Rear suspension Marzocchi E81

– K&N filters

– Bates headlight

– New Turnlights signals

– Taillight Texas

– New grips black Beston style

– Pipes adapted fron a Kawasaki Zephyr 1100

– New exhausts

– Mudguards Maccomotors

– Tyres Metzeler Lasertec: Rear 130/90-16 Front 110/90-19

– New paintwork Maccomotors

– New side panels

– Steel and aluminium pieces by maccomotors

You can get more pictures from our website http://www.maccomotors.com or you can ask for more if you want.

Pictures by Isi Sellés


Jose and Tito

A fantastic 1982 Kawasaki Z1100 ST Shaft named “big Z!

Maybe the nicest “Big Bike” shaft drive Kawasaki custom I’ve ever seen. Check out their work at http://www.maccomotors.com/ Excellent work gentlemen. Thanks for the outstanding photos!


















Hi there!!:
We are proud of introducing our first creation, a 1982 Kawasaki Z1100 ST Shaft named “big Z”
We are Maccomotors, two brothers, Tito and Jose and we own a little garage but with big passions and ideas in Chiclana de la Frontera, Cadiz, at the bottom of Spain.
This is the first Maccomotors creation but in less than a month we´ll surprise this world with a bratstyle Montesa Enduro 75 never seen before. It´s gorgeous too. We have started a Triumph Bonneville proyect already and will start customizing a Yamaha TTR in a few days. So we won´t stop.
We bought this Z1100 St from a neigbour for a very good price because the motorcycle didn´t run. It have a problen with the valves, so we rebuilt the engine and made this modifications among others:

– Rebuilt engine

– Rear subframe chopped

– Seat by Maccomotors

– Single speedometer

– Rear suspension Marzocchi E81

– Air filters Meiwa

– Oil filter KN

– Bates headlight

– Turnlights signals SHIN-YO mini cateye

– Taillight Texas

– Grips Beston style

– Handlebars Rental ultralow

– Pipes adapted fron a Kawasaki Zephyr 1100

– Exhausts 2 in 2 MIVV

– Mudguards Maccomotors

– Tyres Metzeler Lasertec: Rear 130/90-16 Front 110/90-19

– Paintwork Maccomotors

– Steel and aluminium pieces by maccomotors

We own a few bikes and long time ago we talk and talk about customizing aour ideas and so we did. We wanted to share with all the people that is as crazy as we are with motorcycles that we decided to run a website. maccomotors.com, in which we share all the progress of our work as well as a blog with photos and motorcycles of others. We have a fan facebook page as well: http://www.facebook.com/Maccomotors

We wanted create a beautifull bike, in a retro style but functional and agresive at the same time. It´s a real rocket!!

Thank you very much. Appreciate so much your work.