Reader Ride! A Killer Katana From Iceland!

I’m pretty sure this is our first Icelandic Bike! And what a great way to start! A lot of people didn’t/don’t like the styling of these bikes. I don’t know why exactly. Yes it was very different at the time and there hasn’t been much like it since but I personally wish there was more bold design like this from Japan.

Anyway, thank Much Duddi!
Here is my Katana 1982
1428cc Wiseco big bore and more and more…….
Sober Riders MC


  1. As a modified bike that is very cool and pretty unique, but I still can’t bring myself to like that nose nor that tail! Good work though!

  2. I always loved the Katana and in this particular motorcycle the front upgrade helps to keep her updated. As in the original design I miss the finishing between the side panel and the rear suspension and I believe that if all substructures were painted black would (besides helping to mask the “oldness” of the engine design)enhance the original lines.
    The exhaust is also a bit small proportion wise.
    The original design was done by this company:

    1. Love the original body look, just like an original 57 Chev with the newly handling, braking and performance. See my bike featured in the Aug 2010 Rapid Bike mag, Lots been done since!

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