A “Brat” bike I don’t hate…

I’m on the record I think as NOT being a big fan of “Brat” styled bikes. I won’t get in to ALL the reasons (OK just a few – Flavor of the week styling exercise, Corker tires and no seat to speak of? seriously? gotta suck to ride) But I’m giving this one a pass because I think it’s more scrambler than brat and I bet it’d actually be a fairly fun smooth gravel rode ride. The parallel twin Kawi 750’s 400 don’t exactly have a stellar reputation but I do like the look.

A bueatifully restored 1965 Kawasaki W650 SS (or is it a W2?)

Update: Just got a FB comment that this is probably referred to as a W2. Did a little research and this appears to be correct.

I almost missed this one rushing through a recent Riding Into History album. I’ve always really liked the look of these and there is a very interesting history behind these bikes See more pics and info HERE. In a nutshell it’s an improved copy of a copy of a BSA A7 by a company that merged with/was acquired by Kawasaki. I’ve heard good things about them but never ridden one. The “modernized” versions of these which had a brief appearance in the showrooms here are (along with the W800’s) unfortunately no longer available in the US. Shame since Triumph seem to have really made that segment work here with the Bonneville lineup.