Hot Damm! Murph has a sponsor! And some nice pics of his rig.

Murphs been busy!


Great news, I have finally, after 2 1/2 years on the road self supported, got a fantastic sponsor in Wunderlich Germany. They are behind me now and love where the craziness of Wherethehellismurph is headed.
I wanted to let you and all your readers know as I had my doubts as to how long I would be able to do this on my own.
I’ve also included a shot of the finished sidecar outfit we spent the last 3 months building here in Holland.
More on the post is here.
Regards to you and your readers,

Published picture links:


Oh and while we’re on the subject. He took a visit to the WSB races at Nurburg…

Where there was also a race going on! LOL He managed to pull himself away to get Biaggi crashing!

The latest from our old friend Murph!

Sorry Murph (and a LOT of other folks) for missing this originally but apparently my spam filter has gone insane.  I now check it almost more often than my inbox.  Here’s the latest on our old friend.  If you’re new here, do yourself a favor and bookmark his site and check in on it often.  Murph’s a renowned world traveler, adventurer and photographer par excellence!   Here’s his latest on the sidecar build and on his travels.  I especially enjoyed the Leno interview!  Looking good Murph!  Nice workspace too!





Steve, hi.

Hope this finds you well my Florida friend and fellow mosquito swatter.

I had been meaning to send you some of my BMW 1150 Duo-Drive build pics, but then I slipped and fell down some stairs with Macbook in hand, needless to say the laptop did not fare well. Screen is bust. I have an article on the blog explaining what happened. I’m trying to offset the repair cost by selling some decals, maybe some of your readers would like to get a cool sticker set for their moto’s.

Meanwhile, in other news we’re 1/3 of the way into my Duo-Drive sidecar conversion, so here’s a few pics to show the difference from when I started to now.
The first pic is right before teardown, second pic is a shop overview, and third pic is a mock-up we did yesterday to see how the whole outfit is shaping up.
I can’t give too many detail pics at this stage Steve, as the build article is already sold to another publication, but you, MPOTD and your readers have always been very supportive of my blog, so I’m happy to share these with you. Nobody else has these yet, not even the ‘other’ publication.

The second “Murph’s Mobec Duo-Drive BMW Sidecar Conversion” is now posted here on the blog.
There’s a lot of trick stuff that we decided to add, one of which is a locking hub on the sidecar wheel taken from a Suzuki Vitara 4X4.

Steve, best regards as always, and greetings from LBS Sidecars here in Elsendorp in the Netherlands and a big thank you to all who are reading this.


Published picture links:

A really cool budget sidehack from a regular overseas contributor.

Simon Tay from Singapore writes in with his second custom build. This time it’s a really trick sidecar rig that wouldn’t break your bank.

Hi there,

It’s me again! The above link was the first bike I built, so this is my second. It’s a 1995 Honda CM125 I did at the car park area outside my office. I did it with a very limited budget, a lot of the parts were either reshaped from the original parts on the bike or scarp materials I found.

The handlebars are the stock bars, cut reshaped and welded. I run the wires internally to make it look cleaner. I couldn’t afford those expensive “bobber” tail light, so I used the stock turn signal light and turned it into a tail light. The rear fender was shaped from the original fender. The tank was from a Suzuki GN125 I picked up from the scrapyard, I cut off the seam and welded it to have a smoother look. I used the rubber grommets that protects the wires left from my Honda Steed to mount the tank. The seat was made from aluminium pan. I had a friend’s mom to help me sew the lines on the cover. I made the passenger seat with wood and foam from and old sofa, however the upholstery was done by a professional sofa restorer(that’s the only part done by a professional on this bike). I did the paint job as well as the (poorly done) pinstripe. I added a steering damper to reduce the wobble. I couldn’t find a nice headlight within my budget, so I flipped the headlight mounts and the lowered headlight blended with the bike pretty well.

I wanted to get a matching wheel on the sidecar, but I had to give up that idea to stay within budget. So it might look a little odd with spoke wheel on that side. And was about to get a photographer to do a photo shoot of it, but I figured if I had done 95% of this bike on my own I might as well take pictures of it using my iPhone!

Thanks Simon! I really like your ingenuity on this build. Sometimes when your first impulse is too expensive or not available, the solution turns out to be better than you intended.

A sweet Enfield with a sidecar.

I’d love to own one of these for putting around the beach towns where I live. Maybe get a cool dog and put some goggles on him and just roll for a weekend. this’d definitely be the ticket.

and thanks to reader Martin Victor Alva who writes in:

Still old school, still beautiful!

A photo of our custom painted Royal Enfield Classic 500 with a sidecar. On sale at Classic Motorcycles LLC, Royal Enfield UAE and North Africa.

Thanks Martin! If it was closer I’d be tempted.

Some Wild Sidecar Motocross Pics!

I’d heard about this class and even seen a few pictures and such over the years but I had no idea that they put it out there to this degree.  Just amazing!  Thanks much to Piotr Szumera from the ADV rider page for permission to use these.

To quote him directly from his post: “Here is a few shots from last weekend’s Sidecar MX championship round 6 which took place in Gdansk, Poland.  Everybody knows, that racing requires some balls. But these crews have a set of 4 on each machine and made of titanium for sure.”