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Catching up with out old friend Murph!

Murph is definitely living the dream but I rode to work in 80 degree weather today here in North Florida! That looks pretty dam COLD! LOL

Keep warm Murph!

Hello Steve and salutations to you for 2013.

I just arrived in Nordkapp, Norway on Jan 1st, 2013, a milestone for me really since I had planned to be here in October when the weather wasn’t as bad. But it’s as far north as a person car ride or drive i Europe, so I’m happy I reached it.
The Mobec 2 Wheel Drive on the outfit makes an incredible difference when you’re riding on ice and snow. I don’t think I would have made it this far at this time of year without it.
I am back in Alta and leave this week for Rovaniemi, Finland and then continue south east to Imatra and then cross over the border into St. Petersburg, Russia.
Hope all is well,


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R 93 Norway Dec 2012-2012 RAC DAC Logo Nordkapp MR1-5 Alta Fjoed Dec 2012 Norway- Alta Fjoed Dec 2012 Norway--2 BMW Sweden Dec 2012-6994-2 Norway Border Dec 2012-2012 R 93 Norway Border Dec 2012-2012-3

The latest from our old friend Murph!

How are you Steve?. 

Greetings from STROMSUND SWEDEN. I’m about 3 days away from reaching the Arctic Circle. It’s getting cold here, temps going down to the negative. It’s getting hard to camp out in -8°, I’m getting too old for this. It’s been real challenging getting up here to begin with, I’ve had one problem and breakdown after the other. 
I’m living MURPHY”S LAW right now Steve, I’m right in the middle of the chaos. I finally got to take a shower after 5 days on the road and when I brought my shower gel in from the pannier on the bike it was so cold out (-9°) the damn shower gel wouldn’t pour, it had frozen in the bottle !!!.
Hope all is well with you and I’ll have some more pictures for you in another week or so when I reach JOKKMOKK, the town on the Arctic Circle.
Regards and hello to all your readers reading this who come over to my blog and follow and support me, I really appreciate it everyone, thank you.

Best regards Steve,

PS, some of these pictures I have not put up on my blog yet, I always try to give you and your readers a “First Shot” or peek at new images I shoot, my way of thanking you for your continued support.

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The Latest from Murph!

As usual, He’s been busy!

Hi Steve,

Hope all is ok with you and the “Total Chaos” was not too serious. I’m up in Sweden at present, on the way to Stockholm and then on to North Cape.
I had a chance encounter with a gal in a bookstore in Eindhoven in Holland, I was there purchasing a map of Russia for my trip there in December.

She asked about my trip and had seen me on a TV station there, she was thrilled to meet me. She had a boyfriend who died of cancer 1 year ago and wanted to give me a necklace she had made for him to carry with me on my Round the World trip. That led to her signing my Drive Away Cancer decal on the dash of the sidecar and and shortly thereafter my friend John, who started Drive Away Cancer, and I, started Ride Away Cancer.
My first sidecar patient was 17 year old Daniil, whom I met when I stopped by a Hospital in Copenhagen. There will, I hope, be many more encounters and chances for me to brighten up someones day and put a smile on their face with a 20 minute sidecar ride as I travel the globe.
There are probably many of your readers whose friends or family may have been touched by this disease. 
Regards from Sweden Steve and many thanks for your continued support,

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Hot Damm! Murph has a sponsor! And some nice pics of his rig.

Murphs been busy!


Great news, I have finally, after 2 1/2 years on the road self supported, got a fantastic sponsor in Wunderlich Germany. They are behind me now and love where the craziness of Wherethehellismurph is headed.
I wanted to let you and all your readers know as I had my doubts as to how long I would be able to do this on my own.
I’ve also included a shot of the finished sidecar outfit we spent the last 3 months building here in Holland.
More on the post is here.
Regards to you and your readers,

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Oh and while we’re on the subject. He took a visit to the WSB races at Nurburg…

Where there was also a race going on! LOL He managed to pull himself away to get Biaggi crashing!

Time to get caught up on some recent e-mails. The latest from Murph!

Hey Steve, 

Murph here. I’m STILL in Holland, or put another way, still in a country where gas is $10 a gallon.
Meanwhile, I ran into a friend over here who new of another friend who has some nice old iron, a pair of Indians, a 1921 & 1930 Indian Scouts and also an unusual and rare Cees Fick Vincent, so I thought it might be of interest to some of your readers. it’s an interesting article, full of intrigue, depression, schizophrenia, homosexuality, pedophelia and castration.
Hope is well with you, all the best and the next set of pictures I’ll be sending you will be of my new completed BMW 2 Wheel Drive Sidecar outfit. We’re almost finished final assembly and ready to start it up and test ride it.
Regards to you and hi to all the readers looking at this post and a big thanks to you for coming over to my blog.
Best to you all from Holland,


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The latest from Murph…


Love the Stan Keyes Norton, nice tank.

 I was at a Classic Motorcycle Race in Mill in the Netherlands last weekend and got a whole bunch of great pictures for an upcoming article in the next few weeks, but I thought you might like a few of the shots first. 
Regards from Holland,


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The latest from our old friend Murph!

Sorry Murph (and a LOT of other folks) for missing this originally but apparently my spam filter has gone insane.  I now check it almost more often than my inbox.  Here’s the latest on our old friend.  If you’re new here, do yourself a favor and bookmark his site and check in on it often.  Murph’s a renowned world traveler, adventurer and photographer par excellence!   Here’s his latest on the sidecar build and on his travels.  I especially enjoyed the Leno interview!  Looking good Murph!  Nice workspace too!





Steve, hi.

Hope this finds you well my Florida friend and fellow mosquito swatter.

I had been meaning to send you some of my BMW 1150 Duo-Drive build pics, but then I slipped and fell down some stairs with Macbook in hand, needless to say the laptop did not fare well. Screen is bust. I have an article on the blog explaining what happened. I’m trying to offset the repair cost by selling some decals, maybe some of your readers would like to get a cool sticker set for their moto’s.

Meanwhile, in other news we’re 1/3 of the way into my Duo-Drive sidecar conversion, so here’s a few pics to show the difference from when I started to now.
The first pic is right before teardown, second pic is a shop overview, and third pic is a mock-up we did yesterday to see how the whole outfit is shaping up.
I can’t give too many detail pics at this stage Steve, as the build article is already sold to another publication, but you, MPOTD and your readers have always been very supportive of my blog, so I’m happy to share these with you. Nobody else has these yet, not even the ‘other’ publication.

The second “Murph’s Mobec Duo-Drive BMW Sidecar Conversion” is now posted here on the blog.
There’s a lot of trick stuff that we decided to add, one of which is a locking hub on the sidecar wheel taken from a Suzuki Vitara 4X4.

Steve, best regards as always, and greetings from LBS Sidecars here in Elsendorp in the Netherlands and a big thank you to all who are reading this.


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Stunning Triumph Cafe Racer. The latest from our old friend Murph.

The latest from our old friend Murph. This is a stunner indeed.

Steve, I’m in Clog and Windmill country with people speaking a language that sounds hilarious to me !!!. Doesn’t even sound like they understand each other !!.
While riding through Eindhoven last week, I bumped into a guy sitting outside the front door to his apartment cleaning a pretty sweet looking Triumph, so I naturally got off the bike and took a bunch of shots. Well, it led to an amazing discovery, the guy has a museum in his attic with all sorts of old stuff, bicycles, mopeds, engines.
The post is just up on, but I thought you might like to put up some of the shots of the Triumph, although that Seeley is scorched in my mind now, beautiful.
As always, keep up the good work, see ya in church !!!.

Regards from Holland,


To see the complete collection that he’s referring to check out his post HERE. What a Fantastic find!

A beautiful Matchless and a farewell postcard from our old friend Murph.

I’ve been a big fan of “WhereTheHellIsMurph”   for years now. He’s just checked in as he’s about to head out on another of his grand adventures! He does live an enviable life!  Do yourselves a favor and check out all his links and bookmark his blog so you can follow along.  You won’t be sorry.

Murph writes in:

Hiya Steve,long time buddy.
So listen,I’m about to leave the US and have already shipped my motorcycle to Holland where I pick it up May 1st and then do a 2 Wheel Drive Sidecar conversion on it before
I spend the next 3 to 4 years doing a Round the World ride on it,so I wanted to drop you a line to say Hi and bye at the same time.
I was also up in my buddy Peg Leg Craig Anderson’s place in Big Bear CA and what a great collection of old racing bikes he has.
I’ve included a few shots of his 1966 500cc Matchless G85 CS Scrambler.
Hope all is well Steve,and next time I send you something,it will be from somewhere far away from here……




Jay Leno Interview


One hell of garage video tour of a racing legend by our friend Murph.

Folks do yourselves a favor and make sure you stop by “Where the Hell is Murph” on a regular basis. He’s actually taking the rides and seeing the sights that a lot of us only daydream about and he’s doing a heck of a job sharing it with us. Here’s a video of his recent visit to Jim Moshers garage. Love it!

Murph writes in:

I’m at Jim Moshers place right now in Sante Fe,en route to Fl.Met Jim on the salt a few years back.He builds beautiful Indians,his latest being the Twin Engine Indian Scout Land Speed bike.
Here’s the video tour of his garage.I’l be doing photo spreads on a few of the bikes in the next few weeks.

Wow! that’s a nice shop..