Stunning Triumph Cafe Racer. The latest from our old friend Murph.

The latest from our old friend Murph. This is a stunner indeed.

Steve, I’m in Clog and Windmill country with people speaking a language that sounds hilarious to me !!!. Doesn’t even sound like they understand each other !!.
While riding through Eindhoven last week, I bumped into a guy sitting outside the front door to his apartment cleaning a pretty sweet looking Triumph, so I naturally got off the bike and took a bunch of shots. Well, it led to an amazing discovery, the guy has a museum in his attic with all sorts of old stuff, bicycles, mopeds, engines.
The post is just up on, but I thought you might like to put up some of the shots of the Triumph, although that Seeley is scorched in my mind now, beautiful.
As always, keep up the good work, see ya in church !!!.

Regards from Holland,


To see the complete collection that he’s referring to check out his post HERE. What a Fantastic find!



  1. Sorry chaps, it’s NOT a Triumph.. it’s at best, a Triton.
    Wideline featherbed frame, Manx type tank and seat, Ceriani [?] forks with what seems to be a Benelli front brake, and with a conical rear [oif Tri/Bsa..?][perhaps Manx..?]. Various assorted fitting for brakes/gearchange etc. All VERY nice.. look great in my garage.
    Thank you for this.

  2. Triton indeed. Looks like a 60 -62 engine with Joe hunt mag and updated with concentrics . What ‘s driving me nuts is the tach drive being driven by the mag gear ? modified ?

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