1. Put the fairing and Borrani rims from the 550 on the CB750 and it’s as good as it gets, cafe-wise. The Brit (Manx?) tank works really well. Had 2 CB750s (a semi-custom and an 836 cc street racer) in the 1970’s, and would get another 750 in a second, but this time I’d chop it…hey, anyone can restore a classic, but it takes balls to cut one up! lol

  2. That isn’t a “550”. It is the legendary Honda CB400F, offered between 1975 and 1977. I have one in my garage. (Sadly it is no longer a runner. But it is still very nice to look at.)

  3. These guys are making the most beautiful customs in America as far as I’m concerned. I’d still rather have a Sanctuary bike, but taste-wise these are close. Hopefully the pipe-wrap/no suspension/no brakes/Coker tires/potato chip seat thing has ran it’s course. Ironically, these made-for-curvy-roads beauties are made in flat-land, straight -road Florida, not more than 5 miles from my house.

    1. Amen Kurt. The Corker tire/potato chip seat bikes are just getting stale for me. Wrenchmonkees had a neat idea for a while but now it’s almost a “copycat” band aid for a lack of design skill.

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