A pair of Dime City Special Hondas.

These guys build some nice customs. Two more from Riding into History.


  1. Put the fairing and Borrani rims from the 550 on the CB750 and it’s as good as it gets, cafe-wise. The Brit (Manx?) tank works really well. Had 2 CB750s (a semi-custom and an 836 cc street racer) in the 1970’s, and would get another 750 in a second, but this time I’d chop it…hey, anyone can restore a classic, but it takes balls to cut one up! lol

  2. That isn’t a “550”. It is the legendary Honda CB400F, offered between 1975 and 1977. I have one in my garage. (Sadly it is no longer a runner. But it is still very nice to look at.)

  3. These guys are making the most beautiful customs in America as far as I’m concerned. I’d still rather have a Sanctuary bike, but taste-wise these are close. Hopefully the pipe-wrap/no suspension/no brakes/Coker tires/potato chip seat thing has ran it’s course. Ironically, these made-for-curvy-roads beauties are made in flat-land, straight -road Florida, not more than 5 miles from my house.

    1. Amen Kurt. The Corker tire/potato chip seat bikes are just getting stale for me. Wrenchmonkees had a neat idea for a while but now it’s almost a “copycat” band aid for a lack of design skill.

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