The latest from our old friend Murph!

How are you Steve?. 

Greetings from STROMSUND SWEDEN. I’m about 3 days away from reaching the Arctic Circle. It’s getting cold here, temps going down to the negative. It’s getting hard to camp out in -8°, I’m getting too old for this. It’s been real challenging getting up here to begin with, I’ve had one problem and breakdown after the other. 
I’m living MURPHY”S LAW right now Steve, I’m right in the middle of the chaos. I finally got to take a shower after 5 days on the road and when I brought my shower gel in from the pannier on the bike it was so cold out (-9°) the damn shower gel wouldn’t pour, it had frozen in the bottle !!!.
Hope all is well with you and I’ll have some more pictures for you in another week or so when I reach JOKKMOKK, the town on the Arctic Circle.
Regards and hello to all your readers reading this who come over to my blog and follow and support me, I really appreciate it everyone, thank you.

Best regards Steve,

PS, some of these pictures I have not put up on my blog yet, I always try to give you and your readers a “First Shot” or peek at new images I shoot, my way of thanking you for your continued support.

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