Catching up with out old friend Murph!

Murph is definitely living the dream but I rode to work in 80 degree weather today here in North Florida! That looks pretty dam COLD! LOL

Keep warm Murph!

Hello Steve and salutations to you for 2013.

I just arrived in Nordkapp, Norway on Jan 1st, 2013, a milestone for me really since I had planned to be here in October when the weather wasn’t as bad. But it’s as far north as a person car ride or drive i Europe, so I’m happy I reached it.
The Mobec 2 Wheel Drive on the outfit makes an incredible difference when you’re riding on ice and snow. I don’t think I would have made it this far at this time of year without it.
I am back in Alta and leave this week for Rovaniemi, Finland and then continue south east to Imatra and then cross over the border into St. Petersburg, Russia.
Hope all is well,


Published picture links:
R 93 Norway Dec 2012-2012 RAC DAC Logo Nordkapp MR1-5 Alta Fjoed Dec 2012 Norway- Alta Fjoed Dec 2012 Norway--2 BMW Sweden Dec 2012-6994-2 Norway Border Dec 2012-2012 R 93 Norway Border Dec 2012-2012-3

One comment

  1. Well i guess we all have our dreams… Getting stuck in the snow on a three wheeler is certainly not mine.

    Now, riding to work in January… in 80 degree weather… I could dig that!

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