The Latest from Murph!

As usual, He’s been busy!

Hi Steve,

Hope all is ok with you and the “Total Chaos” was not too serious. I’m up in Sweden at present, on the way to Stockholm and then on to North Cape.
I had a chance encounter with a gal in a bookstore in Eindhoven in Holland, I was there purchasing a map of Russia for my trip there in December.

She asked about my trip and had seen me on a TV station there, she was thrilled to meet me. She had a boyfriend who died of cancer 1 year ago and wanted to give me a necklace she had made for him to carry with me on my Round the World trip. That led to her signing my Drive Away Cancer decal on the dash of the sidecar and and shortly thereafter my friend John, who started Drive Away Cancer, and I, started Ride Away Cancer.
My first sidecar patient was 17 year old Daniil, whom I met when I stopped by a Hospital in Copenhagen. There will, I hope, be many more encounters and chances for me to brighten up someones day and put a smile on their face with a 20 minute sidecar ride as I travel the globe.
There are probably many of your readers whose friends or family may have been touched by this disease. 
Regards from Sweden Steve and many thanks for your continued support,

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