Time to get caught up on some recent e-mails. The latest from Murph!

Hey Steve, 

Murph here. I’m STILL in Holland, or put another way, still in a country where gas is $10 a gallon.
Meanwhile, I ran into a friend over here who new of another friend who has some nice old iron, a pair of Indians, a 1921 & 1930 Indian Scouts and also an unusual and rare Cees Fick Vincent, so I thought it might be of interest to some of your readers. it’s an interesting article, full of intrigue, depression, schizophrenia, homosexuality, pedophelia and castration.
Hope is well with you, all the best and the next set of pictures I’ll be sending you will be of my new completed BMW 2 Wheel Drive Sidecar outfit. We’re almost finished final assembly and ready to start it up and test ride it.
Regards to you and hi to all the readers looking at this post and a big thanks to you for coming over to my blog.
Best to you all from Holland,


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