At the wicked fun 1963 Bridgestone BS-7/D cafe!

Great little buzz-bomb and a really interesting site! for more on this bike and other cool stuff that Chris has going on check things out at

Chris wrote in:


I just wanted to drop a quick note about a little bike I’ve finished
up recently. It started life as a run-down little 1963 Bridgestone
BS-7/D. I decided to do a bit of a cafe/racer look to it, using as
many Bridgestone parts as possible, and without hacking up any of the
original BS-7 parts in the process. The end result is a good little
runner, complete with a BS90 Sport fuel tank and set of BS90 front
telescopic shocks. I did a bit of porting on the original 50cc
stroker, built a pipe, and installed a bigger 19mm carb. It will see
close to 60mph if I get a long enough run!

Hope you enjoy it!

Chris H.

Cool pipe too! I love projects like this. Really unique and must be a lot of fun to blast around on.