Styling video.

Thanks to Todd Johnson who wrote in:

Not sure if it’s your bag or not, but here’s a video of some old bikes not riding like complete d-bags. On the one double yellow pass, the guy flat out pulled over to let us have our fun.

Regardless of whether or not I’d ride with those Greek guys, I did enjoy watching the videos. Probably not so much had someone been hurt. Anyways, your site has kept me going through many mundane work days. Keep up the good work.

Good Stuff Todd. Thanks! And I like the modded sky blue CM400 (?). Very original build!

Wrench. Ride. Repeat. from Indiesol on Vimeo.


  1. Excellent! This stuff like this is why I dig this site so. I’ll be scrolling through the soul crushing news of the day, then–bang! People and their motorcycles blow onto my screen and I can’t help but smile. Thanks MPOTD for doing what you do.

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