Reader Rides. A trio of beautiful dirt oriented classics.

Really nice set! I love em all. I confess that I know very little about the Cooper and I thought all Rokons were the 2 wheel drive 4 strokes. Great stuff. I’m a we bit under the weather so any input from the readership very much appreciated!

Hi there,Richard Weslow here with a picture of two stroke motorcycle history,75 first year RM second bike is a 74 Rokon Sach 340 and the third bike is a 250 Cooper from Mexico.The 75 RM changed motocross as we know it with radical new look for suspension,the Rokon was a bizarre concept way ahead of its time with disk brakes and the fact its a pull start automatic snowmobile motor and the Cooper also has rich history made possible by Frank H. Cooper a macio importer that went to macio to produce a enduro bike ,after macio turned him down he then turned to Islo a small bike manufacture in Mexico where they started to produce the cooper bikes.

Found a really excellent source of Vintage MX shots.

I’ve been checing out his photos for a while now and today I noticed that the SuzukiJoe  Picassa web albums are  set up with a “some rights reserved” status so folks can share his excellent library (with proper attribution of course so be sure to give him a HatTip if you use his stuff). Here’s just a taste of the full album.   Go check it out!


WOW! That’s sweet..

That’s going to hurt..

Check out the front suspension on this beauty!  Can anyone enlighten us?