Here’s An Electric Bike I like! The Killacycle!

Thanks to a suggestion I saw in the previous Electric Bike Poll post I went and looked the Killacycle! Check out their blog! Cool stuff! This is definitely an area where E-bikes can thrive. Short course racing. Drags, MX and even Supermoto. There’s actually a gap being closed in these areas. It’s when the distances stretch out that the competitive disadvantages of the E-bikes hit home hard. I’m surprise there isn’t a tials bike yet. The torque might be a natural and overcome the weight. I’ve even seen come cool videos on Electric go-cart racing that was badass. And quiet carts have the advantage that you don’t have to be out in the sticks with those tracks to hide the noise.

Normal Voltage: 3.3V
Capacity (1C to Vmin=2.0V): minimum 18.5AH, typical 20Ah
Dimensions(mm):7.2 x 161 x 227
Weight (kg): 0.495
Volume (l): 0.263
Operating Temperature: -30c to 55C
Storage temperature: -40C to 60C
Number of Cycles : minimum 300, typical 2000
Max Discharge (SOC and Temp dependent): 300Amps
Wh/kg: 130.5
Wh/Cell: 64.6
Wh/Liter: 245.6
Self Discharge @ 25C: <2%/month
Nominal Voltage and maximal / minimal discharge voltage (recommended and critical) 3.3 nom, 3.6 max, 4.0 critical. 2.0V min, 1.0V critical
Nominal Capacity: 18.5Ah min, 19.6ah nom
Internal resistance: 2 mOhm nom
Specific Power (nominal, W/kg): 2400
Maximal current discharge rate: 300 cont, 750 peak
Charge conditions: maximum voltage, charge current CC-CV to 3.6V. 300A max, 600 peak

Here’s a video from 07

One more from 09

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