An Electric Harley.

Someone was waaaaaaaay ahead of their time with this one I think,

Regular contributor Charles Lathe wrote in:

Hey Steve,

I am not a fan of electric vehicles, but I’m attaching a photo of an electric Harley I saw at the Wheels of Time museum in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. Note the piece of rug under the bike and the oil stains on the floor. Even though it is an electric motorcycle, it’s a Harley so I guess it has to leak a little.

Regards, Chuck North Carolina

Ha! Good one!

Here’s An Electric Bike I like! The Killacycle!

Thanks to a suggestion I saw in the previous Electric Bike Poll post I went and looked the Killacycle! Check out their blog! Cool stuff! This is definitely an area where E-bikes can thrive. Short course racing. Drags, MX and even Supermoto. There’s actually a gap being closed in these areas. It’s when the distances stretch out that the competitive disadvantages of the E-bikes hit home hard. I’m surprise there isn’t a tials bike yet. The torque might be a natural and overcome the weight. I’ve even seen come cool videos on Electric go-cart racing that was badass. And quiet carts have the advantage that you don’t have to be out in the sticks with those tracks to hide the noise.

Normal Voltage: 3.3V
Capacity (1C to Vmin=2.0V): minimum 18.5AH, typical 20Ah
Dimensions(mm):7.2 x 161 x 227
Weight (kg): 0.495
Volume (l): 0.263
Operating Temperature: -30c to 55C
Storage temperature: -40C to 60C
Number of Cycles : minimum 300, typical 2000
Max Discharge (SOC and Temp dependent): 300Amps
Wh/kg: 130.5
Wh/Cell: 64.6
Wh/Liter: 245.6
Self Discharge @ 25C: <2%/month
Nominal Voltage and maximal / minimal discharge voltage (recommended and critical) 3.3 nom, 3.6 max, 4.0 critical. 2.0V min, 1.0V critical
Nominal Capacity: 18.5Ah min, 19.6ah nom
Internal resistance: 2 mOhm nom
Specific Power (nominal, W/kg): 2400
Maximal current discharge rate: 300 cont, 750 peak
Charge conditions: maximum voltage, charge current CC-CV to 3.6V. 300A max, 600 peak

Here’s a video from 07

One more from 09