Another custom Yankee done in a 70’s tracker style.

I kind of like it. With apologies to the purists.. lol..

Kevin writes in:
Hello, love the blog. I don’t know too much about the Yankees, but always thought they were cool. … I thought you might like it as well. According to my memory, Spanish bikes were well liked here in So. Cal at the time but of course the Japanese offered great bikes, too, for a lot less money. Maybe they were more popular in the east.

Updates: The Yankee Motorcycle Company. Model “Z”.

Updates: Some History HERE

And Luis Font from the comments: Hi, the Yankee was a cooperation between the spanish brand Ossa, who suplied engines, and some entrepeneurs in USA. But it does not arrived on good term and failed. In Spain it was sold as Ossa Yankee, a fastest on road 500 twin. But his thirst for fuel was the biggest problem in spite of the publicity promised 70 hp. You can see part of the history at this web: http://motoguapa.lamaneta.net/Yankee3.html

Also a good post on this same bike over on Bike Exif

Good Stuff.  Thanks!

What an amazingly cool bike. Big powerful 2 stroke that looks to be very well engineered. Wish I knew more about them. I’ll do a little research and update in a bit. Anybody out there into them?