1. Steve.. son,
    Have you been drinking again.?
    Nice Triton.?
    The front brake is.. OK. The blue shade on the tank is rather fetching.. nice really.
    The rest is.. well, least said soonest mended. BUT, the mix of Corbin seat and Lyta tank is VILE, the front mudguard is a shocker, tho’ blue..
    The rest is just poor, horrid.
    Trust you are well.?

  2. It’s lovely. Leave ‘im alone.

    And British bike purists should remember that people quit buying british bikes because when it came right down to it, the Japanese made better bikes. Sure the Brits had style, but when you wanted a bike that would get you to work and back and not embarrass you on your date by making you fiddle with the carb for half an hour to get it started, you and all the other people in the late 60s and 70s decided you would really prefer to own one of those nifty UJMs. So once you realize that the only reason to own a bike like this is because you love it, you must realize that this guy built a bike he loves. It looks good and it is getting a lot more road time than bikes that are 100% OEM restorations.

    That looks good to me. Doubtless you know more about bikes than me, but your knowledge has blinded you to beauty.

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