One of the most amazing 2 stroke hybrids I’ve ever seen.

for more on the bike and the background check out this thread over on 2 Stroke World. Where they declared it (very deservingly) their “Bike of the Month” If you’re at all familiar with these bike you’ll appreciate all the work that went into it.



That Dry clutch is serious lust material.



  1. What can anybody say.. except.. WOW !
    Like many people I have an idea of what I’d like as a “special”. Built to factory design standards.. but better quality [parts, suspension items etc]. usually it revolves around Moto Guzzi 850 LM etc.. but in quiet moments.. Yamahas’ YPVS twin with the bikini cockpit fairing. Light weight, enough power but tunable, nimble, chuckable, swift..
    And this chap has gone and built[ or remodelled] the very bike I always wanted to do. In nearly 50 years of bikes.. I HAVE NEVER SEEN BETTER.. ANYWHERE.. EVER!
    It seems to be “factory” quality.. and frankly I’d love it. It has all my favourite features, but wire wheels and polished rims’ll do for starters. I would want standard Yam’ bars tho’.. it’s an age thing.
    Ouch !

  2. Serious stuff indeed! One small item among many huge ones is the choice of headlight size.
    It gives the bike a sense of scale and tradition.

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