1. I understand pod filters. I understand Ram air, I don’t understand that suzy. Can anyone explain the ram scoops on that to me? It doesn’t look like they connect to the air intakes so are they just a cosmetic joke?

    1. On a 2 stroke (especially the older air cooled bikes) heat is a real power killer. Companies like Suzuki and Yamaha (with the RD400 Daytona for example) did a lot of creative things with the heads to try and get as much air through them as possible. And I’m sure the marketing dept didn’t mind it eithar.

  2. Thanks for the explanation. I wondered about the heat aspect, but it just didn’t jive with the term as I understood it.

    I’ve thought about doing a scoop into the airbox of my KZ 650 just for cold air and to even out a weird pressure issue they tend to have. (moving your legs from a close hold changes the pressure of airflow and can make it run lean or rich. Pod filters exacerbate this and make you vulnerable to asynchronous air flow with a side wind.)

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