A very VERY fine Honda Cafe from the UK.

From David Morgan

Alright Lads,

Just managed to tear myself away from your site, inspirational, moving, funny and a damn good read.
Thought I’d attach a couple of pics of my latest creation, this one I will keep.

Full build file and pics / vids made so I can reminisce and pass on what ever info may be needed.
(Originally: CB750F1 1976 – IN BITS)

Good one, keep it up,
Shire. UK.


  1. Now that’s what a ‘Cafe Racer’ should look like.. exactly like that. Tho’ quite what it’s doing wearing an AMC race No plate at the front defeats me..? [Think Manx Nortons etc..]
    Cafe racers came from the UK and into northern Europe [attracted by the Rocker thing..?] The USA had a different tradition and has only ‘lately’ found the ‘CR’ lifestyle..
    In period here in the UK.. in the main, CR’s were seriously worked specials and often VERY lovely. As a rule, they were NOT scruffy/grungy, as is the case with so much shown in the US. Tho’ there WERE plenty of scruffy/ unwashed bikes and riders around.. [what IS it with Bikes and NOT getting washed..?]
    Understand this is NOT a rant at the USA, not at all.. it’s just that the US seems to have taken a different route with their idea of ‘CR’s’.. scruffy bikes, debatable finishings, pipe-wrap.. AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. bloody pipe-wrap..!! etc..
    This Honda is FAB.!! I’d have it in a minute.. fit proper lights back and front, paint the tank and seat, raise the bars [ a bit ]. Then that would be my idea of perfect. And believe me, THAT’s a compliment.!

    1. FOOL..!
      I’ve just read the No plate and realised it’s a UK bike, shot in a very UK urban background..
      No doubt hence the front AMC race plate. Odd tho’.
      And so yes.. it is Anglo, it IS lovely, NONE of the above applies.. well, not much [ What a NUMPTY..!! ]
      And that makes me an eejit..
      Nowt new there then..

      1. And NOW I’ve just realised the heading says.. “UK bike”..!!
        However, given the buildings behind, and the leafy street, I’m wondering whether it was shot in Cheltenham, in Gloucestershire [the Cotswolds..] ?

  2. Thanks Bill Ferry….I think.
    The AMC race plate is / was a fad, but I do use it when on track days and it is removeable, to make use of the headlamp.
    The Bonnie headlamp (with amp) is now fitted and I have swaped the twin discs for 4TLS’s.


    Ref: painting the tank etc, Nooooo – must be raw unpolished ali for me, emulating stripped back prodi racers from (as our American cuosins would say) back in the day – can’t believe I said that.

    Dave – Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. UK.

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