Month: January 2011

The King Kenny Bultaco Metralla

Thanks To Jehu on ADV rider who wrote in his post:

This Bultaco sold for $20K a few days ago on eBay.

1971 Bultaco Metralla MK2 owned by Kenny Roberts. The story on this bike is Senior Bulto and the Barcelona Bultaco Club gave Kenny Roberts this bike as a gift at the 1994 Barcelona GP. This bike is new not restored. Kenny is trying to locate the picture of Senior Bulto giving him this bike. If he can find it the picture it will be included with the bike. Also included is a letter from Kenny stating the authenticity of this bike. The bike runs but the petcocks leak so they will need to be repaired. The frame and engine numbers match. Bike shows 76 km = 45 miles.

Reader Ride. A Seriously Cool Adventure Streetfighter… with an unfortunate ending.

I’m not usually a tail high streetfighter kind of guy but his bike has totally MAD credibility.   Ben writes in with the following post… please read it!:

Hey there. Great site, read it every day.

My name is Ben and I’m a bicycle courier in Vancouver BC. I also build bikes in a little DIY shop with a few friends of mine. This is my CBR900RR street fighter that I built while in a wheel chair from crashing a previous bike. It’s got a 1000rr front end and VFR single sided swingarm. The rest was cooked up my me.

When it was done and I could walk again, I rode it from Vancouver to La Paz mexico following the pacific coast the entire time! The trip was phenomenal, an experience of a life time. After going through a few sets of tires and having the best time, the bike was stolen right before my eyes! Snatched into a van in downtown La Paz never to be seen again! All in all it was worth it but I sure miss her! The last two pics are of my beach side off road adventure and camping spot that was part of the Baja 1000 coarse. The other is a fantastic restaurant, great crab burrito.

P.s. If this makes it up on your site an any other readers have seen it since october 2009 let me know!

Man this is among THE COOLEST bikes I’ve ever posted. Great build. Great adventure. But a crappy ending. If anyone’s seen the bike PLEASE LET ME KNOW! It totally Sucks that it was lost that way.   And if you’re involved with the theft… then you’re a piece of shit who has a chance to   do your karma or your soul (or whatever you believe in)  some good and get this guy his bike back.

Ben my hat’s off to you.  Monster thumbs up!  Sound like a fantastic trip.  And hey I’d love to see anything else you’ve got coming out of your shop.

Thanks Very Much!

Death of a salvage yard…

Stopped by my local salvage yard yesterday and was confronted with this…. They’re not all the way closed but 70 percent of the old stuff is now gone… There were about 6 total basket case triples in there. Mostly H1’s. Not much usable on any of them but it still hurt to watch. Owner said that he’s had that stuff out there 30 years and noting had moved off that side of the yard in a decade so it was better off as scrap. I guess he had a point but it still sucked to watch. I got there too late to grab any of it. He’s said he’s probably moving and sticking to newer plastic bikes that he can make a few dollars off of. I felt like throwing up a little.

Reader Ride. 1980 DUCATI GTV 350 Cafe Racer

Bibu Writes in:

Hi ! … First of all i want to congratulate you for your site ,it’s great .
I’m Bibu from Romania and I’m 100% DUCATISTA … I own a little garage called desmoBIBU “Custom Cycles” …….
This is my 1980 DUCATI GTV 350 (desmo parallel twin) that i’ve modified into a caferacer … It’s a very rare bike ,only 958 built … It took me 11 months to complete .
This is a little movie i’ve maked with the build thread :
Hope you like it .

Check out my blog for my other bikes and other cool stuff :
Good luck !